halloween safety tipsHalloween is just around the corner and youngsters will be filling the streets going door-to-door to collect their treats! Halloween safety tips are important to go over with your children, no matter how young or old, to ensure that they have a fun and safe night!

Here’s a look at some helpful Halloween safety tips:

  • Be mindful of where you are walking. Use sidewalks whenever possible. If you need to walk on the street; walk in the direction facing traffic so you can see oncoming vehicles. Always look both ways before crossing the street.
  • Allow your child to have a cell phone on him or her in the event of an emergency.
  • Be visible. Wear reflective gear and use flashlights or glow sticks.
  • Have your children eat dinner or a snack before taking to the streets and collecting candy so they aren’t tempted to load up on too much sugar.
  • If you plan on taking along the family pet, be sure it is wearing a collar with proper ID and is on a leash.
  • If your child is going trick-or-treating alone-set up some rules. Have him or her go with a group of friends and stick to routes that they are familiar with.
  • Talk about stranger danger. Never speak to someone you don’t know and NEVER approach or get into a car you are not familiar with. If something does not feel right, find an adult nearby, catch up with a group, and/or call for help.

And here is a tip for adults—drive extra cautiously on Halloween night. Children will be flooding the neighborhoods so for your safety and the little ones, please keep a careful eye on the road.

Going over these Halloween safety tips will give your children a heightened sense of awareness but be sure that they don’t forget to have fun! Happy Halloween!