school safety tipsAs the summer begins to wind down and children start to get ready for the school year to commence, it is important to keep some school safety tips in mind. Schools are typically a safe haven for children; however, in recent years, an underlying fear has been instilled in many parents.

The following are some helpful school safety tips that every parent should discuss with children who will be attending school in the fall:

  • Go over your child’s means of transportation to school.
  • If your child walks, be sure that he or she uses sidewalks when available; but when sidewalks are not available your child should walk facing the traffic; walk in a group if possible; be sure to look both ways before crossing a street; and cross at a crosswalk when available.
  • If your child rides a bike to school, a helmet must always be worn and fitted properly; teach your child the rules of the road and how to read signs; teach them to come to a complete stop before crossing a street; and walk the bike across a street.
  • If your child takes the bus to school, walk him or her to the bus stop; keep children away from the curb by six feet; teach them that when crossing in front of a bus, the driver must always be visible to be a safe distance away; and always be at the bus stop or at home when your child gets dropped off.
  • The National Safety Council suggests that a child’s backpack should weigh no more than 10 to 20 percent of your child’s body weight.
  • Always walk in groups and NEVER talk to strangers or approach a stranger’s car.
  • Use caution while playing on a playground. Only use when an adult is present.

There is no way to totally protect our children from harm, but we can only hope that with the proper education and discipline they will know right from wrong and can be trusted to make the right decision in a difficult situation. Please keep these school safety tips in mind. Here’s to a safe and happy new school year!