Many drivers have asked the question: have headlights gotten brighter over the years? Warren White, 79, of Danvers is one.  White told the Boston Globe, “there are times I pass another driver and I can’t see anything. I’m blinded and I’m afraid I’ll hit something.”

White’s complaint may be justified according to Greg Bibbo, a product marketing manager for Sylvania’s automotive lighting division, who said, “The average halogen headlight is indeed 40 to 70 percent brighter today than 20 years ago.”

In addition to the strength of the average halogen headlights, the high intensity discharge lights on high end cars are a reported 400 percent brighter than headlights from the 1990’s. However, Bibbo also stated that, “these numbers shouldn’t evoke the response that because headlights are brighter, there is more glare, modern bulbs are more precise, so the increased brightness is not at the expense of the oncoming driver.”  The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration enforces strict regulations on car manufacturers in regard to their headlights, so while lights are brighter, they cannot “blind” drivers.

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