Passenger Injury in an Auto Accident

Summer is in full swing and more people are out enjoying the nice weather. The last thing one expects to occur is to be in an accident.

Let’s say you were the passenger in an accident involving another car. The drivers are covered under their insurance but if you are badly […]

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7 Things To Do After An Auto Accident

No one wants to think about being in an auto accident. Accidents are stressful, dangerous and costly. But doing a little thinking ahead of time can ensure that, should you find yourself in an accident, you’re prepared. Here are seven things to do after an auto accident.

Be Prepared. Some of […]

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Massachusetts to get New Traffic Signals to Reduce Intersection Traffic Accidents

Starting in January, Massachusetts will be getting 350 new left lane turn signals in hopes of reducing the number of intersection traffic accidents. State officials said one quarter of traffic accidents that occur at intersections, happen when a driver is turning left (source: WCVB).

Other states in the Country use a […]

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NHTSA Implements Final Rule to Help Prevent Backover Accidents

On Monday, March 31, 2014, The U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) issued a final rule requiring rear visibility technology in all new vehicles under 10,000 pounds by May 2018. This new rule enhances the safety of these vehicles by significantly reducing the risk of fatalities […]

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What to do if you are in a Motor Vehicle Accident

Motor vehicle accidents occur frequently and can be stressful to deal with even when everyone involved is okay. If you are ever faced with a situation involving a motor vehicle accident, there are steps you can take to alleviate some of the stress. The Walpole Police Department suggests a few […]

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Deadliest Times to Drive an Automobile

The deadliest time of the year to drive may surprise you. No it’s not in the winter when the roads are icy and slick and its not the morning commute when everyone is in a rush to make it to work on time. The month of August claims more lives […]

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When to Hire a Personal Injury Attorney

If you or a loved one has suffered a personal injury because of the fault or carelessness of another person, it would be in your best interest to seek the professional help of a Personal Injury Attorney. This will help to ensure that your case is handled properly and you are adequately compensated for your accident or loss.


Massachusetts Most Dangerous Intersections

Do know where the state’s most dangerous intersections are? You’ll want to keep this CBS Boston story in mind next time you’re driving through one.

They are the worst of the worst and the I-Team found they are ground zero for hundreds of injuries year after year.

“I think my head hit the […]

Fatal Car Accident Ruled on by Massachusetts Court

The crime of leaving the scene of a fatal accident requires prosecutors to prove that the defendant knew he collided with a person, the highest court in Massachusetts ruled Friday.

The ruling came in the case of Paul Daley, a retired Quincy firefighter who was charged with striking a man with […]

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Drunken Driver Injures Two

Two people were hurt in a head-on collision on the southbound side of the Boston-Providence Highway in Norwood on Saturday.

At 3:35 a.m. on Saturday, Oct. 27, police officers Timothy McDonagh, Shawn Wilman, Angela Gulla and Patrick Bishop and ambulances from Norwood, Walpole and Westwood responded to the accident.

Rescue workers found […]

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Boston Personal Injury Lawyer

When you or your loved one find yourself in a predicament where another person’s negligence or carelessness causes personal injury or death, it is important to explore the full scope of your legal options so you can be properly compensated for your loss.

We understand the physical, often catastrophic, effects of […]

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Fire Captain Pulls Woman from Burning Wreck

Sharing an amazing act of heroism – this story first appeared on

Fire Captain Edward McGarry wasn’t on the clock yet. Luckily, he had his equipment and knew that he had to work quickly when he saw smoke and flames.

Driving along his usual morning commute on Monday, McGarry spotted a […]

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Driver Traveling 100mph Killed

As reported on

A 26-year-old woman was killed in Halifax early Saturday morning after her SUV slammed into a tree, according to the Halifax Fire Department.

Caitlin Ledwell of Halifax was driving her 2011 Nissan Rogue around 100 miles per hour on South Street, before careening off the road and striking […]

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Civilian Stops Drunk Driver

As reported on

A Connecticut man was driving drunk on Route 3A with his two children in the car Sunday evening when another driver demanded he pull over, according the Patriot Ledger.

Officer arrested Bradford Belding, 44, of Avon, Conn., on charges of drunken driving, negligent driving, driving with a suspended […]

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Massachusetts Airborne Car Crash

As reported by CBS Boston:

A driver survived a spectacular crash in Brockton Monday morning.

Police say the unidentified man was speeding down Belmont Street just after 8 a.m. in a pickup truck when he suffered a medical emergency and veered off the road.

The pickup went airborne and landed in the cab […]

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