According to a new study from the British Journal of Cancer, there is a possible link between processed meat, like bacon and sausage, and pancreatic cancer.  The study showed that, for every 50 gram serving per day, the risk of pancreatic cancer increases up by 19 percent.

This link is in addition to the already established link between colon cancer and processed meats.  Dr. Richard Besser said that, “Your life time risk of pancreatic cancer is 1.4 percent.  If you have a serving of processed meat per day, it goes up to 1.7 percent.”

While that may be a very small link Besser said that, “if you want to cut down on that, look for products that don’t have the nitrites.”  The British Journal study was based on data compiled from seven different studies, including more than 6,600 cases of pancreatic cancer.

The full article can be seen here.