drunk driverA drunk driver is charged and held on $250,000 bail after killing a newlywed bride and seriously injuring the groom in a car crash. Leah Fonda and Brian Preiss, both 30, were from Minnesota and on their honeymoon while driving down Route 4 in Rollingsford, NH, on their way to Niagra Falls when they were hit. Brain was taken to Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston where he was in fair condition. Police said the driver, 43-year-old Matthew Tsopas of Somersworth, NH fled the scene and was found in Dover, where he was hospitalized. Tsopas was arraigned at the hospital on charges of negligent homicide, felony driving under the influence of alcohol and felony conduct after an accident. Situations like this are happening all across the country.

About a week later in New York Governor Cuomo signed a bill to strengthen the 2009 Leandra’s Law which makes it a felony for a drunk driver to drive with children in the car. The law also requires all  convicted drunken drivers to install Breathalyzer-type devices in their vehicles. The changes are designed to close loopholes that allowed thousands of convicted  drunken drivers to circumvent the installation of $100 ignition  interlocks by falsely claiming they no longer owned a car. Currently, driving drunk with a conditional license is only a traffic  infraction, while driving with a revoked license is a felony. The new law makes  both offenses a felony punishable by a year or more in prison. (Source: Daily News)

“It strengthens Leandra’s Law and sends a strong message that we are not  going to tolerate drunk driving,” said Senate Transportation Committee Chairman  Charles Fuschillo (R-Nassau County). The Legislature, with the support of a Daily News campaign, adopted  Leandra’s Law in response to the 2009 death of 11-year-old Leandra Rosado in an  alcohol-related crash on the Henry Hudson Parkway. Rosado was killed and six other girls were injured when their station wagon,  which was being driven by a drunk Bronx woman, flipped over. “By strengthening Leandra’s Law, we are continuing the strides made in her  memory to combat this dangerous behavior and prevent additional senseless  tragedy,” Cuomo said. (source: Daily News)

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