elderly driverAn elderly driver drove into a gas attendant and a gas pump, causing a fire around 11am Monday morning.

The elderly driver was approaching the gas pump at Rte. 1A Auto Clinic across from Bristol Square in Walpole when he accidentally accelerated rather than stepping on the brake. As a result, he hit the gas attendant and knocked over the gas pump. The attendant was dragged for about 20 feet and a fire occurred immediately after the gas pump was knocked over. The fire took three fire extinguishers to be put out and was fully extinguished by the time firefighters arrived. The fire was caused by the gas dispenser disconnecting from the source after being hit according to Fire Chief Timothy Bailey.

The gas station attendant was taken by ambulance to Norwood Hospital. Bailey said the accident left the employee bruised and under hospital observation. The elderly driver was driving a Toyota Avalon and was not injured.

The gas station owner, John Nassar says the pumps are closed until further notice but the auto body shop is still open. However, most of the station’s business comes from gas sales and Nassar believes that he will be taking a large financial hit. “I’m going to lose business every day,” he said. “That’s where the real loss is.” A new gas pump could cost about $15,000. Nassar has no plans to file charges against the driver. “I’m sure he didn’t mean it,” Nassar said. “That’s why it’s called an accident.”

This situation could have ended so much worse. Luckily the attendant seems like he is going to be okay, and the workers at the gas station acted quickly in putting out the fire. Sadly accidents involving an elderly driver are becoming far too frequent. If you or a loved one has suffered from a personal injury due to the carelessness of an elderly driver, please contact Attorney Jim Brady and Associates, P.C. at: 508-660-8888 or visit us on the web: www.attorneyjimbrady.com.