fall drivingFall typically evokes thoughts of foliage, crisp air, football, and the beginning of the holiday season, not the dangers of fall driving. While fall is a beautiful time of year, especially here in New England, it can also create hazardous driving situations.

Here are some helpful fall driving safety tips and useful information to keep in mind:

  •  Rain. This time of year is typically not cold enough for snow-but rain can be just as dangerous. Use extra caution while driving along wet roads and allow for extra breaking time.
  • Leaves. Sure, they are beautiful to look at-but once they hit the ground they can be hazardous. Fallen leaves can cover potholes and when leaves are mixed with rain, the combination can be as dangerous as ice.
  • School traffic. The kids are back at school and the school buses share the road during your morning commute to work. Give yourself extra time to get to work in the even that you get stuck behind a school bus. Keep your eyes peeled for children crossing the street and NEVER pass a school bus unless the driver flags you to do so.
  • Frost. The days may be cool to mild, but the temperatures at night can drop significantly. If there was rain during the day, chances are there may be frost and ice on the road.
  • Fog. Cold mornings can create fog which drastically decreases visibility. Drive slowly and do not use your high beams-they will only reflect off of the fog and create a glare which makes it even more difficult to see.
  • Deer. The fall is when deer migrate and mate so they are much more active. Drive slowly in rural areas and keep an eye out for movement along the side of the road.
  • Sun glare. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, drivers describe being “blinded” after exposure, and this sometimes leads to accidents or near misses.

As the days become shorter and colder and you are busy with the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, remember to use caution when getting behind the wheel. Keep in mind these fall driving safety tips to be prepared when you take to the road and allow yourself enough time to get from location A to location B safely.