empty nestHave you had an empty nest for a while? Maybe the last child just moved out?  Now may be a good time to consider downsizing your home. With the recent upturn in the housing market it is easier to sell a home than just a few years ago. However, home values are still at a reasonable price for buyers so the market is good. Selling your home now may greatly benefit you and your future. If you are able to make a profit off of your current home and buy a smaller, more affordable home, it can leave you with some breathing room to go out and enjoy your financial freedom or afford you a more comfortable retirement. You just might find that you are not only downsizing your home, but your life as well. This is the perfect opportunity to start getting rid of “stuff” you just don’t need anymore. A few benefits to having an empty nest in the current housing market include:

  •  Current home value is worth more than the past few years.
  • Interest rates still remain low in the 4% range.
  • If you own a large home but not many occupants, a smaller home may be more attractive.
  • It allows you to de-clutter and sort through personal belongings that aren’t needed anymore.
  • You will save money on utilities, taxes, and home repairs.

Some helpful tips to ensure that the process runs smoothly include:

  • Begin purging unnecessary items before you make the move. You don’t want to bring all that clutter into your smaller home.
  • Get rid of bulky furnishings that may overwhelm your new home.
  • As you get older, the more likely this will be your last move. Find a home that has all of the necessities for your future.
  • Location. Do you want to be near family and loved ones or do you want this opportunity to relocate to anywhere you desire?

If you have been considering leaving the empty nest behind and moving to a smaller, more affordable and organized space now is a good time. I work with experienced individuals in the mortgage and real estate industry. If you have any questions please contact us at: 508-660-8888 or visit us on the web at: www.attorneyjimbrady.com.