A new study from Dartmouth University has reported that high levels of arsenic, a chemical that has been linked to cancer, chronic diseases, and developmental birth defects, has been found in foods that contain brown rice syrup as a primary ingredient.  Organic brown rice syrup is often used as a substitute for high fructose corn syrup in prepared organic foods.

Brown rice syrup is also found in certain infant formulas, which when tested, contained twice the inorganic arsenic than allowed in drinking water.  The study also noted that some organic cereal bars contained 12 times the allowed limit of arsenic for drinking water, and some high energy organic foods contained 8 to 17 times the limit.

The Dartmouth researchers tested 17 infant formulas, 29 cereal bars, and three types of energy shot drinks.  The survey did not list which specific brands were tested.  The study’s lead author, Brian Jackson, was quoted as saying, “When it comes to the energy shots and cereal bars, I don’t think there’s a real immediate danger… Infant formulas with high arsenic levels are more of a concern.  It’s probably not a good thing for an infant to be exposed to those levels of arsenic.”

The full article can be seen here.