Maserati informed the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration that it will be recalling almost 1,800 of its 2008-2010 Gran Turismo Coupes and convertibles due to a problem in the manufacture of their taillight assemblies.  According to the recall, some of the brake lights fail.

Maserati reported that it noticed the problem after receiving a large number of warranty claims.  Maserati joins the growing list of recent automaker recalls which include Toyota and Honda.  Toyota and Honda needed to recall some of their vehicles because there was a problem with the air bags not inflating during a car crash.

Toyota is recalling 427 of their Rav 4s for the 2011 model year because of this air bag problem.  In addition Honda is recalling 327 Accord coupes, sedans, and Crosstours from the 2012 model year for the same air bag problem.

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