Do know where the state’s most dangerous intersections are? You’ll want to keep this CBS Boston story in mind next time you’re driving through one.

They are the worst of the worst and the I-Team found they are ground zero for hundreds of injuries year after year.

“I think my head hit the windshield and I flew 20 yards from the cross walk and I slid on face,” says 15-year-old Kelvin Savanhmixay of Lowell, who now has metal plates in his head.

He was run down in 2009 at a busy Lowell intersection. And it is not just any intersection. It is the most dangerous in the state.

It is where Route 113 and School Street meet. And it retains that dubious distinction today.

“That was a really scary day for me,” says Kelvin. “I thought I was gonna die.”

Sadly, little has changed since that day. In fact in 2010, 42 more people left there in ambulances.

We asked Secretary of Transportation Richard Davey why nothing has been done.

“Well, obviously the answer is these things take time, but the answer really is something needs to be done,” he told WBZ-TV.

A driver in Lowell put it this way.

“I hope they do it soon because we have two hospitals here that are pretty busy.”

The I-Team found the state knows exactly where these terrible intersections are.

Each year, they tracks the number of crashes in order to make decisions about where to spend millions of taxpayer dollars.

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