ignition switch flawIn addition to the multiple recalls that have taken place in the automotive industry over the past year, more information is being released regarding the GM ignition switch flaw that is responsible for at least 19 deaths. GM engineers first knew of the ignition switch flaw a decade ago, but the company publicly acknowledged it for the first time in February 2014. It has now recalled 2.6 million cars related to the problem (source: WCVB).

Ken Feinberg is the attorney who is overseeing the compensation fund for the victims of GM’s ignition switch flaw that has claimed the lives of at least 19 and severely injured many more. Feinberg has received 125 claims for deaths and 320 for injuries in the past five weeks. Of those, he has found 31 eligible for compensation. The remaining claims are still under review. “Already there are more deaths than GM said from day one,” Feinberg told CNNMoney. “Of course there will be additional eligible deaths; how many is pure speculation, but there will be eligible death claims” (source: WCVB).

The following is some information pertaining to the eligibility of compensation for GM’s flaw (source: WCVB):

  • The families of victims who died can collect $1 million, plus an estimate of the victim’s future earning potential and $300,000 each for a surviving spouse and dependents.
  • In addition to the 19 deaths, Feinberg has identified four people who suffered severe injury such as quadriplegia, paraplegia, double amputation, brain damage or serious burns. He has identified another eight with less serious injuries.
  • Compensation for those who were injured varies from $20,000 for the least serious injuries to $500,000 for victims who spent more than a month in the hospital.
  • Most of the claims involve young drivers — in their teens and early 20s — driving their first car.
  • Under the terms of the fund, claimants need to prove the ignition switch was a “proximate cause” of the accident.
  • There is no cap on how much GM may have to pay victims through the fund.
  • Those who accept compensation must agree to not sue GM.

This ignition switch flaw is GM’s 65th recall this year-a total of almost 30 million cars.

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