pedestrain accidentsSpring is here and with that comes more people walking outside and enjoying the nice weather. In 2011, there were 4,432 deaths which occurred as a result of pedestrian accidents. Pedestrians were one of the few groups of road users to experience an increase in fatalities in the United States (source: NHTSA). The Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) are working to raise more awareness about the dangers to pedestrians.

The three groups have created a campaign called “Everyone is a Pedestrian“, implying that anyone who is not in a vehicle is considered a pedestrian. The following are safety tips that the Department of Transportation, NHTSA, and FHWA suggest to keep in mind to help prevent pedestrian accidents:

When you are Walking

  • Follow the rules of the road and pay attention to and obey all street signs and signals. If you are unpredictable, vehicles have a greater chance of hitting you.
  • Always walk on a sidewalk if it is available.
  • If you are walking and there are no sidewalks, walk facing traffic and as far away from the traffic as possible.
  • Always stay alert and be aware of your surroundings. Don’t be distracted by electronic devices.
  • Try to cross where crosswalks are available.
  • When crossing a road, look for vehicles in all directions.
  • Never assume that a driver sees you. Make yourself visible but be aware of the vehicles around you.
  • Wear reflective clothing at night and use a flashlight.
  • Keep an eye out for cars pulling out of parking lots and backing out of driveways.
  • Please remember that the use of drugs or alcohol impairs your judgment and reaction time.

When you are Driving

  • Be on the lookout for pedestrians at all times.
  • Drive with extra caution during bad weather and at night time.
  • Always be prepared to slow down or stop when approaching a crosswalk.
  • Always stop for pedestrians in a crosswalk and leave enough space between your vehicle and the crosswalk.
  • Never pass a vehicle stopped at a crosswalk.
  • Never drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • Obey the speed limit, especially in more populated areas.
  • Always obey the reduced speed limit in school zones or wherever children are present.
  • Always look for pedestrians when backing up your vehicle.

Remember to share the road with everyone and be mindful of your surroundings to avoid pedestrian accidents.

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