583px-plymouth_rock_sign_1968Fall is upon us which means tourist season is over and the mugginess of summer is gone. Its perfect  weather for a day trip to Plymouth! Along with the Mayflower and the Rock, Plymouth is now home to the Lobster Crawl, a major public arts, tourism, and charitable event. Displayed throughout the Waterfront & Downtown Plymouth are 29 unique Lobsters measuring 5 feet tall. The fiberglass structures are sponsored by local businesses and organizations; and each one has been custom designed and hand painted by local artists.
Why lobsters? Plymouth’s hard working lobstermen and women brought in more than one million pounds of the crustaceans last year. Many of the fresh seafood restaurants on the waterfront offer a boiled lobster meal or “lobstah” roll popular with visitors and locals alike.
The Plymouth Visitors Center has maps available for a Lobster walking tour that treks up the hill from the waterfront to the downtown, where you can also shop and enjoy great drink and food. The walk also takes you by many of the historical treasures to see in that area.
The exhibit and self guided walking trail is free and presented by the Plymouth Area Chamber of Commerce.