head traumaHead trauma has made its way into headlines due to the heightened awareness of how contact sports affect the brain. There have been numerous incidents of head trauma within the professional sports industry that have raised red flags for other professional athletes as well as high school aged kids. Reebok is making new headlines regarding head trauma in a positive way.

The Canton, MA based company is launching a new product named the Checklight for $149 which is a small price to pay for the safety of your child. The Checklight is a skullcap that serves as a head impact indicator that you wear with or without a helmet during sports and fitness activities. The built-in sensors monitor the impacts experienced during those activities. Using a red (bad), yellow (medium), and green (good-to-go), LED-system, the Checklight gives parents and coaches a visual display of physical impact during sports.

Reebok teamed-up with Cambridge, MA based electronics company, MC10 to make the gear as flexible and as comfortable as possible so that it is not distracting to the player. A spokeswoman for MC10 told the Boston Globe: “In the heat of a game, you might not respond to a hit if you’re in the zone and the crowd is cheering,” said Elyse Kabinoff, a spokeswoman for MC10. “But now with the light coming on, it gives you the opportunity to say you’re experiencing symptoms, or at least signals to others that you need to get checked.”

Reebok tested the Checklight for three years in the lab as well as out on the fields, courts, and rinks. The Checklight could literally be a game-changer in the field of youth sports. It’s not a diagnostic tool, but it could prevent further damage from being done if the device determines that a child has taken a hard hit and should be pulled from the game and taken for medical attention. Parents and coaches could make a more ethical decision in whether or not it is safe for a player to get back into the game after a play that involves a hard hit.

In a press release, Paul Litchfield, Reebok’s head of advanced concepts said: “The more we learn about head injuries, the more we understand the long term ramifications and we want to do our part to help ensure people can participate, compete and enjoy life. There is still much to be learned in this area, but we believe technology can play a significant role in improving the athletic experience.”

Technology becomes more advanced every day. Our generation is fortunate to have the science and tools to learn from mistakes and make the future a safer place. Hopefully Reebok’s Checklight will pave the way for safer contact sports for children of the present and future, resulting in less head trauma injuries each year. If you or a loved one has suffered from severe head trauma, please contact Attorney Jim Brady and Associates, P.C. at: 508-660-8888 or on the web at: www.attorneyjimbrady.com