In January 2010 while leaving the parking lot Donald Goodman fell on ice and fracture his left leg. He went to the emergency room where he was diagnosed with a distal tibial fracture with a proximal fibular fracture. He underwent a closed reduction and a long leg casting and admitted to the hospital for three days. Since his injury Mr. Goodman has experienced pain in the left ankle and has undergone cortisone injections, fluoroscopic left ankle arthrogram with anesthetic injection. At that time it was decided by his surgeon that he undergo a left ankle fusion, which was performed March 6, 2010. The Employee never regained function of his left ankle. He underwent removal of the hardware but has not gained improvement. Mr. Goodman was referred to the Pain Management Center where he received pain patches. Unfortunately Mr. Goodman continues to experience pain and uses a cane to ambulate. He sought a second opinion from another orthopedic specialist who opined that Mr. Goodman is incapable of performing the essential duties of his former job or any other form of employment which requires him to stand or ambulate.

We were able to successfully obtain a replacement of his lost wages and medicals through the worker’s compensation system. We also reached a substantial third party settlement of his claim against the maintenance company of the parking lot for failure to keep the property in good repair. while Mr. Goodman has been retrained to work in a new occupation given his injuries.

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