A chart is making its way around the Internet called “We The Plaintiffs … A Closer Look at America’s Obsession with Lawsuits.” It is written by – or was given to – a company named “eLocalLawyers.”

The chart is heavy on graphics and low on truth. For a truthful perspective on “tort” (or personal injury) litigation today, a far better source is the impeccably researched academic study, “The empirical effects of tort reform,” by Cornell Law School Professor Theodore Eisenberg, a leading authority on the use of empirical analysis in legal scholarship.[1] Eisenberg says,

Through advertising and propagation of incomplete or distorted information, interest groups such as the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the American Medical Association obscure the status of both the legal system and primary actors’ behavior.

“We The Plaintiffs” joins this club. Here’s what is really true about the U.S. civil justice system.

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